HSC Premium Support Package

What's Included

One-On-One Check-Ins

Personalised support throughout the year with individual check ins with a HSC expert. 

The sessions are proven increase motivation, reduce burnout, and keep students on the right track towards HSC success.

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July Half-Day Workshops

Boost your marks and prepare effectively for the HSC Trial Exams.

Our teachers will break down each type of question and provide you with tips & tricks to improve your knowledge and skills.

September Full Day Masterclasses

Spend a day with an expert in a small group workshop to review course material, practice exam questions, and receive personalized feedback to ACE your final exams.

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All in one place, and available on demand whenever you want to study

HSC 4 Me is the ultimate study resource for Year 12 students.

Written by the most experienced teachers and markers in NSW, our online learning app HSC4Me is packed with thousands of practice questions, videos, notes, guides & exemplar responses to potential HSC questions.


Practice Exam
Exclusive access to practice exam papers written by HSC markers, not available anywhere else.


Practice Exam
A range of premium subject study notes written and verified by 99+ ATAR students and expert HSC teachers.


Practice Exam
Available to you at each of the 4 key assessment periods, you have the opportunity to send your prractice exam/essay responses to our expert teachers for marking and feedback.


Practice Exam
In the HSC, subject content is only half the battle. We've compiled a range of checklists, Study Planners, Wellbeing Materials & Calendar Templates to help you effectively manage your time.



RRP: $780

Includes per subject:

All package purchases include a 30 day money-back guarantee!

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Interested in multiple subjects?

A progressive discount applies if you choose to access more than one
subject from our premium service


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Barker College
ATAR: 98.10

The program was exactly what I needed in the lead-up to final exams. It provided me with a renewal of motivation as well as an invaluable overview of what I had studied over the course of the year. It was so helpful to talk with the markers themselves about what they want to see and this definitely affected my final results in such a positive way!
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St Aloysius College
ATAR: 93.90

It was a great help with the Senior teachers. They gave me a plethora of knowledge and understanding of course syllabuses in the lead up to the final exams. It was a great aid in assisting with my HSC success!
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CBHS Lewisham
ATAR: 86.10

Fantastic! Both my subjects I attended in September got me a band 6 and a high band 5. Thanks again!
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Good Samaritan Catholic College
ATAR: 94.60

The InspirationED September rogram was exemplary in providing me with information, learning techniques and notes that enabled me to enhance my understanding of the content that I needed to know for the final exams. It gave me a chance to get the highest possible ATAR I could. Thank you!
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Mt St Benedicts College
ATAR: 88.85

I found the workshops to be incredibly helpful in boosting my marks before the final exams. It assisted in clarifying information which I may have been unsure of and provided additional material to set me apart in my exams, ultimately improving my marks and ability to express myself in the hsc! I would highly recommend this program to all students looking to achieve their full potential.
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Kincoppel Rose Bay

These September workshops was the best thing I did and helped me increase my marks dramatically. Thank you so much !
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Mount Saint Benedict College
ATAR: 96.55

My experience was amazing. I had access to not only exceptional workshops with expert teachers but I was also provided with highly detailed and relevant study notes and materials. I believe this program played a crucial role in my achievement. I recommend it to all HSC students!