English Standard

Reach your potential in English Standard with help from senior teachers and exam markers.

February Online Seminar

Start your HSC year off on the right foot with our Online Seminar. Designed for parents and Year 11 & 12 students to prepare you for success in the HSC, hear from experts on ways to excel and learn helpful tips on how to create and maintain a supportive environment.

March Live Seminars

Join us for Year 11 & 12 focused subject sessions. Delivered by highly qualified HSC teachers with years of HSC marking experience and exam committee involvement, who are experts in their respective fields.

July Live Seminars

Learn how to excel in your trial and HSC exams from our Trial Preparation Lectures. Run by senior teachers and exam markers, these sessions give you insight into how to study right and increase your exam marks.

September Live Seminars

Sit with our expert HSC teachers and exam markers for a full day in the lead-up to your exams with our HSC Workshops. Practice skills, revise the content and gain the confidence necessary to achieve your potential.


Put the best results into your own hands

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HSC4Me covers all core and advanced subject modules.